61022Students and counting*
102Schools Served*
3743Instructional Staff*
82Graduation Rate!

Graduation by the Numbers

The Washoe County School District (WCSD) Class of 2022 saw a District graduation rate of 84 percent (up from 82% last year)! Congratulations to our 3,937 students who earned their diploma! One of the most important indicators of a quality

Smarter Balanced in WCSD

In 2015, following the adoption of new Nevada Academic Content Standards, the Washoe County School District began assessing students in grades 3-8 using the Smarter Balanced assessment. The Smarter Balanced assessments are criterion referenced, computer-based tests that measure student knowledge

Social & Emotional Learning

WCSD has increasingly focused on the role of students’ Social and Emotional Competencies (SEC) in helping them persist through obstacles and graduate high school college and career ready. Social and emotional competencies are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to


Washoe County School District’s enrollment is in the top one percent of the nation’s largest school districts, as the 59th largest district in the nation. Covering 6,342 miles, Washoe County is larger than Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our students reflect

WCSD Data Summits!

Washoe County School District and the Office of Accountability believe that data plays a key role in supporting Every Child, by Name and Face, to Graduation. Each year, we host a Data Summit where the Board of Trustees, district & school leadership, teacher representatives, parents, and community members come together for a full-day of facilitated conversations around district performance data and initiatives.

* Homepage metrics based on data pulled in October 2022.
   District-sponsored charter enrollment and school sites not included in total student and school counts.
   Instructional Staff count is based on the number of certified teachers and ROTC instructors.