Washoe County School District and the Office of Accountability believe that data plays a key role in supporting Every Child, by Name and Face, to Graduation. Each year, we host a Data Summit where the Board of Trustees, district & school leadership, teacher representatives, parents, and community members come together for a full-day of facilitated conversations around district performance data and initiatives.

This portion of WCSDdata.net is dedicated to support each Data Summit. It allows us to share data and other information covered at the event with everyone who is unable to attend in person. It also serves as a space for attendees to re-examine the data and provide additional input. We encourage you to visit each data summit through the navigation options above and dive into the topics and data covered.

Beginning in 2009, Washoe County School District’s Board of Trustees began holding events dedicated to data and how it relates to our school system and students. During each Data Summit the Board of Trustees, district leadership, and community, parent, principal and teacher representatives come together for a full-day of facilitated discussions on district performance data and initiatives. These events promote a culture of data use and continuous improvement in the district and schools. The development of the data systems and the annual data summit reflect WCSD’s motivation to learn from evidence and to use it to drive practice improvement.

Each data summit has a data companion in the form of a book containing all of the data and information discussed in each topic-related breakout session. Each Data Summit book can be viewed on this site or downloaded directly from that Data Summit year found in the navigation above. Following the opening to the summit, all participants break out into groups for each topic-related breakout session. Participant groups have representation from several stakeholder groups (trustees, leadership, principals, community members, parents, etc.). These mixed-groupings allow all participants to engage in rich conversations that ultimately help inform policy and school improvement planning.

We have seen incredible value stemming from each Data Summit and continue to work to make each Data Summit better every year!