Our 2016 Data Summit was held at Truckee Meadows Community College on February 5, 2016.

Topics Covered:

  • Assessing and Studying Social Emotional Learning:   How well are we assessing social and emotional competencies? Are there connections between social-emotional competencies and students’ academic and behavioral outcomes?
  • Grade Eleven Universal ACT/College Ready Assessment:  Interpretations and uses of the universal ACT assessment given to WCSD 11th graders. How does the ACT assessment relate to other indicators of progress on the High School Pathway?
  • A Closer Look at Poverty in Our Schools:  What are the obstacles to learning faced by students living in poverty in WCSD? How does poverty relate to student outcomes and how can we best support our students living in poverty?
  • School Safety and Discipline Data:  A new examination of discipline and safety data among WCSD Schools
  • Family Engagement:  How can family engagement support our students and their families along the pathway to graduation? Who are we reaching with our strategies and how can we expand our net?
  • Utilizing Early Warning Systems:  Can we leverage our data to identify students who may be at risk of falling off of the graduation pathway? How well do students’ behaviors, attendance, and transience predict likelihood of dropout?
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment:  How did WCSD students do on the new “Common Core Aligned” assessment? What does this mean in the context of problems during the administration of the test? How can we interpret these data in the future?
  • Career and Technical Education:  A closer look at the Career and Technical Education Pathway in our High Schools. What is it? Who is participating? What is the advantage to participating in Career and Technical Education?

PowerPoint Presentation Downloads:

All Presentations   |   Download
Assessing and Studying Social Emotional Learning  |   Download
Grade Eleven Universal ACT/College Ready Assessment  |   Download
A Closer Look at Poverty in Our Schools  |   Download
School Safety and Discipline Data  |   Download
Family Engagement  |   Download
Utilizing Early Warning Systems |   Download
Smarter Balanced Assessment  |   Download
Career and Technical Education  |   Download

Download a PDF of our full 2016 Data Summit book here.