The figures below show how easy or difficult students rated each question in eight different domains of social and emotional competency. We used Rasch analysis to develop logit scores that help us understand how difficult each skill was for students compared to other skills in that competency. Each bar represents the difficulty level associated with that item. The longer the bars, the easier or harder students thought those skills were for them to do. For example, “Accepting things I can’t control” (Self-Awareness of Self-Concept) is about twice as difficult for students to do as “Knowing how others might act when I tell them how I am feeling” (Self-Awareness of Emotions).

The red bars are skills that students rated most difficult for them to do, while green bars are the skills students rated the easiest for them to do. Each competency aligns closely with WCSD’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards. Click in the graphs to explore which skills students think are the hardest and easiest for them to do!