We in the Washoe County School District have a strong belief in transparency in how we wcsd_image01 support every student. A key component to supporting students is data. We strive to make our data available and consumable to teachers, principals, district leaders and community members so the individuals who are in front of our students every day are better informed and able to make data-driven decisions. With that in mind, we also believe and constantly remind ourselves that our data are not just a bunch of numbers and charts; there is a child behind each and every data point and because of this fact our data must be valid, analyzed, distributed and consumed in a variety of meaningful and poignant ways.

Whether we are discussing state assessment’s or the pathway to graduation there is a story behind all of our data and we want to share those stories with our community!

Throughout this website you will find many different data charts. In most instances, the charts you see are interactive and have been purposely designed so you may interact with our data to better understand it and to further your own analysis.

If you are unsure what a specific term or acronym means while you are analyzing the data please refer to our glossary of terms and acronyms.

exclamationpointexclamationpointWe encourage everyone who visits this site to spend time interacting with our data charts to gain comfort using them and to maximize their data experience! Please see the quick tips below on how to navigate each of the uniquely interactive elements that have been embedded into our charts and even practice using these elements in our Demographics chart located at the bottom of this page!


*Washoe County School District added “Multiracial” and “Pacific Islander” options to enrollment during the 2010-2011 school year.